Introduction to K-1 World GP

K-1 World Grand Prix is a championship tournament that is held annually. In order to join this tournament, applicants should join the K-1 tournaments, a martial arts tournament that includes kick boxing. Winner in the tournament will be chosen to accomplish winning in the World Grand Prix.

Men among so many countries in the world, join the K-1 kick boxing tournament and they have to make sure that they will win in the elimination so that they could reach in the World Grand Prix where they can join in the championship round where elimination can happen. The K-1 org that established this K-1 will decide on the championship procedure and how to win in the tournament.

K-1 World GP is considered the greatest kickboxing tournament. So if a person reached Grand Prix, he is undoubtedly strong in everything in kickboxing, and many more. Accordingly Grand Prix has been active since the establishments of K-1 in 1993. Annually, there are many kickboxers that have already won in this game like Ernesto Hoost and he is considered the best kick boxer in the history of kickboxing.

Until now, kickboxers come play on the tournament but they come to be fated to lose. Now, Grand Prix Tournament is held anywhere according to the desire of the organization. However. since its establishment, the tournament had been held in Japan. Only in 2012, that K-1 decided to occur in Croatia. This game is somehow very famous in the eastern countries. Not all many western countries like this.