Deaths that Occurred in Kick Boxing

As you know, kickboxing is one of the most dangerous and violent sport in the world. We would not say it is dangerous if there were no terrible results like death. There are no more than hundreds of people who died because of it but there were some kick boxers who died due to it. Nevertheless, this game was not banned and still continues to this very day.  Of course, no matter what happens, there will always be an opposing opinion. Unfortunately, there has been no attempt to break it down.

Mark Fowler, Michael Kirkham, Dustin Jenson, Dennis Munson Jr are some of the players who died due to fatalities that they received during their play. Perhaps, there will be more deaths in the future. However, salary is high this is why people pursue it.  It is very important to make sure that people would be safe after playing games like that. Nowadays, freedom of choosing what game to play is good but there will always be a consequence from  time to time.

This is why referee and judges should have a careful judgement in all the moves of the game in order to see some accidents that could happen. Accidents too are no  better than death.  If one is injured though not died, it is very hard to live with the injury. There are more things to accomplish when healthy so it is better to live healthily and safe rather than have a high risk of weak life. This may also be seen in the statistics of death.