Rules in Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing is one of the dangerous games that a man may involve in. To be organized, there are set rules of the game.

1. During the game, the referee has all the authority to stop the game or round seeing the situation of the game or the depending on how the game is flowing. Most of case, they stop the round when they see that danger or death is impending.

2. Each round of the game is lasts for three minutes. There are three matches that is to take place but it can increase depending on the judging system or criteria.

3. Technical knock outs, Disqualifications may end the the match and renew another match. There is a significant thing for that.

4. If there are three knockdowns, the judge will automatically stop the contest and declare the winner.

5. Never hit the opponent with the your head or elbow, mouth, nails,  because this game only uses feet and wrist to box and kick. Otherwise,  it is considered a foul.

6. Once a referee signaled a break, any player should not attack his opponent because this is a foul and fouls might be counted to to decrees the points.

7. Never complain to the decision of the authority like the judge, referee and doctor.

8. This game is intended as a sport only and not a murder. So never hit the opponent in a way he will lose his life for example, kicking or boxing his throat and groin.

9. Never attack the opponent when he no longer can fight and when he voluntarily surrendered.